Frequently Asked Questions

If you have never ordered a personalized ice sculpture, you may have a few questions. Please review some of our most commonly asked questions and the answers to them.

  • We are an online store that delivers ICE centerpieces nationwide via UPS. The ICE centerpiece is perfect for any celebration across the country. It is also a perfect way to let someone know you care from far away, the nICE way!
  • We have standard menu items offered year-round, along with seasonal specials that can be ordered and shipped to the location of your event.
  • Everything you need to display your ICE centerpiece is included with your order inside the ICE BOX!
  • ICE offers FREE shipping using UPS Ground. When this option is available at checkout, your package should arrive within only two days.
  • We GUARANTEE your delivery date when using UPS 2nd DAY AIR!

(If 2nd Day Air is not an option for you at checkout, it means your delivery address is extremely close to one of our warehouses, and your package will arrive on or before your requested delivery date).

To ensure that your ICE centerpiece arrives in time for your event, we recommend at least a 72-hour order time. This will allow us to create your in-stock or custom order and use our guaranteed UPS 2nd Day or Ground Air delivery straight to your door.

From the moment ordered, the ICE BOX is designed to hold your carving until the delivery date requested. The ICE BOX has two sections; the top portion houses the drain pan, light and instructions, and the cooler contains the packed ice. While you can open your ICE BOX at the time it arrives in order to make sure everything is intact, keep in mind, it is BEST to open the cooler portion approximately 1 HOUR PRIOR to your event.

Unless you perceive any damage, keep the cooler portion closed until 1 HOUR PRIOR to your event. You may, however, set up the drain tray and light ahead of time, simply refer to the detailed instructions.

The drain pan has two pieces, and a picture is included in the ICE BOX on how they fit together. The light has a remote; a plastic tab needs to be removed to activate the batteries in both the light and remote. Don't forget to enjoy the many wonderful settings the light has to offer! For more detailed instructions on how to assemble your drain pan and light, please visit our Unpack & Display page.

Depending on the design, there will be 2-3 pieces. Most ICE centerpieces will have a base to be placed into the drain pan first. The top piece of ice, the part with the engraving, will fit into a slot cut into the base just like a puzzle piece. Within minutes, the pieces of ice will freeze together to create one stable carving! For ICE centerpieces that have multiple components, our website provides videos with step by step assembly. For more detailed instructions on how to assemble your ICE carving, please visit our Unpack & Display page.

(DO NOT add water or salt to join the ice together.)

After setting up the centerpiece, it needs time to "temper" (it will adjust to the temperature of the area in which it is being displayed). The ICE centerpiece is "frosty" during this time, so DO NOT touch the ICE during this "frosty" period as the heat from your hand can cause it to crack. Once the ICE centerpiece is clear and WITHOUT FROST, then you may touch it, but be cautious that this may alter your centerpiece.

The ICE centerpiece lasts 4-6 hours depending on the temperature and location of the event. We have designed the ICE centerpieces to last the average length of a typical party or social event.

If the ICE BOX appears disturbed, first assess the degree of damage (the ICE BOX was actually designed to take some minor damage during delivery). Second, determine if there is damage to the cooler. If the cooler is not damaged, then the ICE centerpiece should be intact and ready to use. Finally, check the drain pan to make sure it arrived unscathed and able to prevent leakage, but just like our ICE BOX, these drain pans are very durable and made to last.

If you should have significant damage, take pictures of the damage before contacting Ice Carvings Everywhere either via email at or via text at 678-403-9723.

(We request that the damage is documented and sent either the day of your event or the day of your delivery. Following a damage report, an ICE representative will contact you. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience and will work with you to secure a refund or replacement of your product. We chose UPS as our logistic partner because of the delivery success rate they have, but accidents do happen.)

Yes, but we need at least three days prior to your delivery date to process and ship your order.

In most areas, Saturday delivery is available with UPS 2nd Day Air and UPS Ground. To find out if these options are available in your area, visit or contact an ICE associate. Ice Carvings Everywhere is always happy to help, and if Saturday delivery is not available in your area, we have other solutions! For example, we can increase the amount of dry ice packed with your order and have it delivered on Friday. The ICE BOX will keep it frozen with this adjustment, at no extra cost to you.

You will receive an email verifying your order. If you did not receive this email or feel like an error has occurred during checkout, contact ICE via phone or email so we can verify it for you.

Due to the location of our manufacturing facilities, the west coast is instead serviced by UPS 2nd Day Air. This service GUARANTEES the delivery date for your event.

We have printed handling instructions on the boxes that hold the dry ice for shipping. DO NOT handle the dry ice directly. Refer to the instructions on the dry ice box.

We do not require a signature for the ICE BOX to be delivered. If your event is the following day, and the ICE BOX arrived early, then you can select for it to be left without signature or with a neighbor on the notice the driver left. If a delivery attempt was made on the day of your event but no package was left, call ICE at 678-403-9723 immediately. An ICE associate will assist you in having the ICE BOX properly delivered.

Ice Carvings Everywhere wants you to feel completely informed and confident about using our product, so we welcome any additional inquiries. If you have any other questions, we are here to help! Please email your questions to