Shipping & Returns

Have your custom ICE carving at your door within 72 hours.
We GUARANTEE your delivery date when using free UPS 2nd Day delivery.

At Ice Carvings Everywhere, we guarantee that your centerpiece or gift will be delivered in time for your event. We offer free shipping when using UPS 2nd Day Ground. UPS 2nd Day Ground is not available for sculptures being sent to California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Idaho, and UPS 2nd Day Air will be used. Orders must be placed in advance of 72 hours to ensure timely arrival.

In most areas, Saturday delivery is available with UPS 2nd Day Air and UPS Ground. To find out if these options are available in your area, visit or contact an ICE associate. Ice Carvings Everywhere is always happy to help, and if Saturday delivery is not available in your area, we have other solutions! It is the responsibility of the customer to research if Saturday delivery is available in that specific area of country where the package is being delivered and that the address that is submitted at the time of purchase is available for this service via UPS.

Excessive handling of the ice carving after it is set up for display and before it “tempers” will cause the ice to crack. This is called a tempering fracture and is easy to spot due to the way the ice cracks from the point of contact. Ice Carvings Everywhere is not responsible and will not provide refunds due to tempering fractures. The tempering process takes about an hour and instructions are provided in the box to guide you thru this time period. Once the ice is set up do not touch it until all the frost on the surface disappears and the ice is clear and the engraving is completely visible.

Ice Carvings Everywhere is not responsible for water damage that occurs during the shipping process, or once the ice is set up for display. It is the responsibility of the customer or recipient to visually inspect the water containment tray or “drain pan” to make sure it is not punctured or damaged before the carving is placed on it for use. The ice carving should be displayed on a sturdy flat surface in the center of the drain pan. If your drain pan or ICE BOX is damaged contact Ice Carvings Everywhere before you display the ice carving on the drain pan.

At Ice Carvings Everywhere, we guarantee your centerpiece and gift will be delivered by your chosen date. However, in the rare event of circumstances beyond our control, we will replace or refund the total price of your carving. If your ICE centerpiece does not arrive in time for your event, or if the packing or sculpture is damaged, please contact an ICE representative for assistance via email at or via text at 678-403-9723.