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Dry Ice is extremely cold (–109.3° F, –78.5° C). Do not eat, ingest, swallow, inhale vapors, or touch with bare hands or expose to skin, eyes or mouth.Dry Ice can cause choking, severe cold burns and/or frostbite (and even death) if contact is made with mouth, skin or eyes. Use protective eye wear, tongs or heavy insulated gloves when handling Dry Ice. Rubber and plastic gloves do not provide adequate protection.

When Dry Ice melts, it evaporates into carbon dioxide gas. Use and store Dry Ice only in open and well-ventilated areas so the escaping gas will not build to a level dangerous enough to asphyxiate you. If you experience dizziness, headache, or increased heart rate, these symptoms could be of the result of excessive carbon dioxide inhalation and you should seek immediate medical attention.

Do not store Dry Ice in a confined space or a tightly closed or airtight container. Do not add Dry Ice to any liquid or any liquid to Dry Ice. Do not place Dry Ice in a functioning refrigerator or freezer.

Do not dispose of Dry Ice in the sink, drain, toilet, sewer, garbage disposal, garbage chute, etc. Dispose Dry Ice in appropriate trash facilities outside of household (or leave the Dry Ice inside the cooler and place the cooler outside of household) so as to allow the Dry Ice to melt and turn into gas in a well-ventilated area.


If Dry Ice is INGESTED, swallowed or IF cold burns and/or frostbite occur, seek immediate medical attention.


Keep Dry Ice out of the reach of children, minors and animals!


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Items are perishable and therefore can not be returned.  Damaged Deliveries. The customer needs to document as much as possible with Order Information and photos of damaged boxes or carvings. We meed a picture of of the open box as well to determine whether your item was properly packed.

If you need to make a claim on an item, please Contact Us with your order number and details about the product you would like to make a claim. We will respond quickly with instructions for how to proceed with your claim..

SHIPPING & Delivery

Ice Carvings Everywhere does not guarantee Saturday or Sunday delivery, using Ground or 2nd Day air via UPS. UPS does service most areas with Saturday delivery and we can deliver on Saturday where that service is available. It is the responsibility of the customer to research if Saturday delivery is available in that specific area of country where the package is being delivered and that the address that is submitted at the time of purchase is available for this service via UPS.

Excessive handling of the ice carving after it is set up for display and before it “tempers” will cause the ice to crack. This is called a tempering fracture and is easy to spot due to the way the ice cracks from the point of contact. Ice Carvings Everywhere is not responsible refunds due to tempering fractures. The tempering process takes about an hour and instructions are provided in the box to guide you thru this time period. Once the ice is set up do not touch it until all the frost on the surface disappears and the ice is clear and the engraving is completely visible.

Ice Carvings Everywhere is not responsible for water damage that occurs during the shipping process, or once the ice is set up for display. It is the responsibility of the customer or recipient to visually inspect the water containment tray or “drain pan” to make sure it is not punctured or damaged before the carving is placed on it for use. The ice carving should be displayed on a sturdy flat surface in the center of the drain pan. If your drain pan is damaged contact Ice Carvings Everywhere before you display the ice carving on the drain pan.


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