Unpack & Display

Unpacking Instructions

When it's time for your event, follow the instructions below to best display your ICE Sculpture.

Open cardboard ICE box and remove instruction sheets. Read and follow instructions to completion. Do not open your ICE box until one hour before your event.

Remove plastic drain pan from the box.

Remove lid from the pan.

Remove the box stored in the drain pan that contains LED light and remote.

Open box and remove LED light and remote.

Unscrew LED light to separate top from bottom.

Remove clear, plastic tab from LED light.

Remove clear, plastic tab from remote.

Rescrew LED light and turn on using remote.

Change light to preferred setting for your event.

Place LED light in plastic drain pan and return the lid to the pan. Place drain pan where you wish to display ice carving.

Remove Styrofoam top from cardboard ICE box.

Remove cardboard box labeled "Box 1."

Open Box 1 and remove the ICE carving base.

Place ICE craving base on top of plastic draining pan.

Open cardboard box labeled "Box 2" and remove the centerpiece of your ICE carving.

Place the centerpiece tongue of your ICE carving into the base groove.

Let ICE carving sit for one hour before the event to shed the top layer of frost. Do not touch your ICE carving while it's shedding.